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snowdust snowshoeHello my name is Vanessa and i am a hobby breeder of the wonderful snowshoe cat.I first came a cross snowshoe cats  in 2005 after going to a cat show in maidstone to look for ideas of what breed of cat to buy after losing a cat to a car accident.At the cat show i meet Paula and her husband Mark who breed snowshoes.We brought our first snowshoe girl Biscuit from them in 2006,after another two years i was looking for another snowshoe and i found Indy.He was breed by Tracey Rhodes of Glittakitz and this struck up a friendship and five more snowshoe cats.All my cats have access to the outside where they have a safe area to enjoy the outside.My stud cat has his own quarters with outside run.All our kittens are born in the house and are loved and cuddle by ourselves and our two children.The kittens will leave vaccinated and wormed before the leave for their new homes and come with 4 weeks free insurance and a sample of the food the are raised on.The kittens are raised on Royal canin kitten food and are registered with GCCF.